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Disposition Hearing

This is the final stage in the case involving a particular crime. After a juvenile admits that they committed a crime and a plea has been entered, the court will complete a Disposition Hearing to place the juvenile on probation. During the hearing, the Judge will explain to the juvenile the length and conditions of their probation. The probation could include that the juvenile:

  • Remain in good behavior

  • Not violate any laws

  • Must listen to and follow their parent(s) rules

  • Attend school regularly

  • Pass four (4) classes, and

  • No interaction with individuals the court restricts contact, like co-defendant(s) or victim(s).

The level of disposition a juvenile is assigned to is based on point values that North Carolina has set for the juvenile's prior interactions with the court system. 

Disposition Levels

Level One (1)

 This level is Community Disposition. The juvenile will most likely be placed on probation with some daily restricts.

Level Two (2)

This level is Intermediate Disposition. The juvenile will likely be required to complete impatient therapy treatment and probation.

Level Three (3)

This level is Youth Development Center (YDC) Commitment. The juvenile may be placed here until their 18th, 19th, or 21st birthday.

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